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They like us! They really like us!

Oh my goodness, you guys! lyschan just shared with us a tweet from the Kingdom Hearts manga artist. Someone had tweeted a bunch of pics from the English version of the manga, including the panel where Sora calls Xigbar "Xizzle Burger," and Amano-sensei shared that person's tweet and added, "I haven't had a chance to see the international versions, but Xizzle Burger is a fantastic translation of シルバーグ! (Also, I'm surprised they let me get away with Hercules's funeral photo.) And I see they replaced all the hand-written text so everyone can read it, too. Thanks for reading!"

We got a shout-out from one of our favorite manga artists! And he liked our translation! This is so awesome! We wanted to retweet it, but we weren't sure if we wanted to add our own comment to it. (We want to reply to it, but we might get in trouble for that, and besides, the tweet is from two weeks ago.) Ultimately we decided the answer was yes, but then I accidentally clicked the instant retweet button, and there you have it. We tried adding a translation as a reply, but that only became a harrowing misadventure that I'd rather not relive.

So. That's exciting.

Today I'm thankful for manga artists looking kindly on our translations, Grawp sending us a Koopa Troopa shell for our island in Animal Crossing, managing to finish our simulpub translation despite taking time off for Animal Crossing, finally making it past level 18 in Splatoon, and getting to try out online play (with random internet people, as opposed to friends) in Mario Kart.
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