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There's always time for Miraculous

Our schedule was upended the second (or third?) time this week, this time by a monthly simulpub. We really need to learn to expect those things, but I feel like this particular series' schedule is not quite monthly somehow. And this month's chapter felt way harder than normal...but it might have been because of our own perfectionism.

But! we didn't let it get in the way of reading the latest installment of Miraculous manga! Woohoo! This month, they did Bubbler Part 1! ...And it was pretty much just like the TV episode. There was some dialogue that had me going, "Wait, was that in there?" But it was key dialogue, so I don't know if I just don't remember the specific lines from the show or what. I mean, sure we've seen the episode ten times, but we were never big on memorizing quotes.

The best is still how the manga artist adds more things to show Marinette's obsession with Adrien. She was so entranced when thinking about his birthday, it was adorable. It was also interesting to see Nathalie addressing Gabriel as "Agreste-sama." We're preeeetty sure it's Monsieur Agreste in the French version (you'd think we would know, but it came up and suddenly I'm second-guessing myself; clearly we need to rewatch the show XD). Culture-wise, in English, I do think she would be calling him Mr. Agreste, while -sama does make more sense for the Japanese version. So that's an interesting thing we'll have to remember when -sama comes up in something where we have to "translate" honorifics.

...I'm not sure I have anything else specific to mention, just that all the characters were as cute as ever. We got to see a lot more of the classmates this time! (For Juleka, all we got to see was her hair and shoulder...) It's just a really cute adaptation of a really great series. Maybe one day we can help make an English version.

Oh! And all the snow melted on our island in Animal Crossing! The ground was still muddy and brownish, which wasn't as aesthetically pleasing as the snow, but it's accurate (I assume; I haven't lived in a snowy place in years), and Athena's character's feet made squishing noises as she ran across the island! It was neat.

Today I'm thankful for managing to finish that tricky simulpub chapter, getting to read the latest chapter of Miraculous manga, spring arriving in Animal Crossing, having now seen all the Mario Kart 8 courses, and getting all the visitors we wanted to get on our island this week.
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