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Yesterday we got a very apologetic email from an editor about a book we translated that accidentally did not have our names in the credits. It got us thinking, because we've seen other discussions about people fighting to get their names in credits, and about translators getting their names on the oh-em-gee cover! And we're just like, "*shrug*."

We do understand the importance of being able to put something on a resume, such that the people who may be looking into hiring you can actually look it up and confirm, so of course I'm not going to say that people shouldn't worry about whether or not they get credited. Getting credit is really nice. But I guess in our case, all the people we know who care about the stuff we work on already know we worked on it or trust us when we say we did, and all the people who need convincing don't care anyway. And if we just need to prove that we are professional manga translators, there are so many books out there that do credit us that if one or two books falls through the cracks every so often, it's not going to be a huge detriment to our career.

On the other hand, we really do appreciate it when these mistakes are noticed and remedied, because it shows that people care.

As for us and getting credit on manga... In our opinion, it's not as bad to have our names accidentally removed from something we worked on as it is to have something we worked on changed into something we don't want our names on. While we like to have people think of us as the awesome translators who worked on such-and-such favorite series, it's more important to us that the series have an awesome translation that is worthy of the original. I like to think this is why we get so angry when we see what we consider to be shoddy translation work. If I'm honest, there's probably a bit of the human tendency to look for faults as a way of validating our own perceived superiority, but a big part of it is that we want other people to be able to enjoy the work just like we do, and since word choices are a big part of what makes or breaks entertainment for us, we want the translation to be done well.

Today I'm thankful for thoughtful editors, getting to watch an episode of Kid Cosmic, finally getting Iggly's photo, also getting Sly's photo, and making decent progress on work today.
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