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We ended up staying up extra late last night due to a visit from a friend, so we went to bed without updating LiveJournal, which is a shame because yesterday is when we got to play Splatoon with Hermie for the first time. Not that there's a whole lot to report on that front, but it was super cute, especially the one time she and Athena were on opposite teams and she said, "I'm going to go back to my base now, because I'm getting lonely." Awwwww.

As for today, it was a day of watching international programming. ...Okay, not really. Just two shows. Mom texted and asked for recommendations of Japanese TV shows, because she wants to watch some with Steve, but he doesn't like the romcoms she likes, so she wanted us to recommend something that along the lines of Psych or Burn Notice. Only problem is, they're immediately turned off by animation, and that's the vast majority of what we watch. I mean, we watched Alice in Borderland live-action, but that one is waaaaaay too dark. ...I was going to say, "Frankly, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone," but then I remembered that I have already recommended it to someone. But that someone has said that her favorite director is Quentin Tarantino, so I do think it's the kind of thing she'd like. I still don't know if she's ever watched it.

So we recommended Dad of Light, and then we checked the list of Netflix's live action Japanese shows and decided to check one out. Midnight Diner looked interesting, so we watched it. It was a little slow for our tastes. And a little too racy for us to feel comfortable recommending it to our mother (even though I think she might have a higher raciness tolerance than we do). So the quest continues. I think we'll just recommend Kantaro: The Sweet-Toothed Salaryman next, and hopefully it won't be too weird for them.

But we're like, "We don't have time to watch all the Japanese shows!" (much as we love Japan), because we're too busy watching all the European shows. Yesterday we got an email from Netflix recommending The Tribes of Europa, and we were like, "Europe, eh? Where was it made?" First we checked the trailer, which was in English, but the lip-flaps didn't match. So then we pulled up Netflix on our smart TV and found out that the original language was German! We haven't seen any German shows! And we didn't get to check it out last night, because of the aforementioned visit from a friend. So today we finally watched it! ...And it was okay. It seems like they have an interesting story set up. We may or may not get back to it sometime.

And this morning, we watched the Friend to Friend broadcast the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had for the Primary kids around the world. Or I guess it's going to be for kids around the world? Today, they released the English, Spanish, and Portuguese-language versions, and later they're going to release it in a bunch of other languages, including Japanese and French. We were our usual hyper-critical selves about some aspects of it, but overall it was super cute and we liked it a lot. And all the songs made us cry.

Today I'm thankful for getting to check out some international shows, getting to watch the Friend to Friend broadcast, getting to visit with our friend last night, getting to play Splatoon with Hermie, and not getting motion sick from playing Mario Kart today.
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