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Oh, the pretty...

We decided to pay a visit to the Kingdom Hearts II websites (North American and Japanese) because it was high time we got ourselves some KH wallpaper. So first we went to the North American website and got all three wallpapers they had there, but they don't love us and don't have wallpapers in the small size. Or maybe we're just weird to want them small. We got them all anyway, of course.

At any rate, the Japanese websites tend to have better wallpaper, so we went there next. There were some nice ones in their download section, too, but there still wasn't anything that really made us think, "This! This has to be our wallpaper!" And then I noticed in the updates section that it said they had uploaded a screensaver to the Twilight Town section, so we decided to go check it out.

As it turns out, the Twilight Town section is like a mini-tour of Twilight Town, and it's full of little goodies that you can get all of if you explore the whole town. And by goodies, I mean six of the awesomest wallpapers ever and the most beautiful screensaver I've ever seen. So now whenever I clear up the desktop, we get to see an adorable picture of Sora. Oh so very happy. Also, if you can read Japanese, you get to answer Kingdom Hearts trivia! No spoilers--it's all about the first Kingdom Hearts, Final Mix, Chain of Memories, and a few other little things. (If anyone wants to go try it out but isn't confident in their Japanese, we'd be happy to help!) And we found out what Raijin's speech pattern is in Japanese, so now our minds have been put to rest.

And as if this entry isn't long enough, I just had to mention Ouran Koukou Host Club. It's so beautiful. We were really worried that it would turn out to be ultra gay, because we were enjoying it so much we would have had a hard time putting it down, but then it wasn't so we were happy. There was a kid in the opening sequence, and Athena saw him and said, "Momiji?" And then he was played by Ayaka Saitoh, who happens to play Momiji. We were like, "Whoa."

And! Many times throughout the episode, a voice in my head kept trying to tell me that the one guy was played by Mamoru Miyano (Kiba in Wolf's Rain, Sakuraba in Eyeshield 21, it Narita-sensei? in Gakuen Alice). I ignored it, because Miyano-kun is Riku, and we're so into Kingdom Hearts right now, that we want everyone to be played by him, or by anyone from Kingdom Hearts. In fact, we were watching Bleach and there was a new guy and I thought he might be played by Miyano-kun. But he wasn't. But the guy in Host Club is!! So much happiness. We're all ready to watch the first episode again, since the second one's not out yet.

We also started watching Nishi no Yoki Majo (Good Witch of the West). The story has yet to catch our interest, but it has Ishida-san, and the main guy is played by our best friend from AX'04, Hiro-rin (Hiromi Hirata), who, incidentally, has a picture of us as Goku and Hakkai. I wonder if she'd show it to Ishida-san... Though it might be better if it was a picture of us as Lacus and Meer. Me and my delusions.

Today I'm thankful for beautiful Kingdom Hearts wallpaper, beautiful Kingdom Hearts screensavers, sparkly new anime with Miyano-kun, fun delusions (so long as we realize they're delusions), and being able to see an anime with Hiro-rin in it.
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