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International shopping

Today we tried to learn how to buy things from non-American Nintendo eShops. With all the new game announcements, there was one that looked really super cool (I keep forgetting the exact title; it has "triangle" and "project," but it's a working title, so it may not end up that way anyway), and I'm going to be honest, one of the main things we wanted to know about it was what all voice actors are in the Japanese version and the French version. We know that some Switch games give you the option of changing the language, not just between English and Japanese, but all kinds of different languages! So we downloaded the demo...but it only gave us English.

And so! we tried to make an account in another region, but it wouldn't let us download it again. Maybe only the English version of the demo is available... Hmmm. Or maybe we should have tried Japan. I mean, if the game is being made in Japan, odds are there would be a Japanese demo before an English one... Hmmm...

Well, it doesn't matter, because we got tired of it. We figured that if the Switch isn't region encoded, we can just import physical copies of the game.

Oh yeah! More importantly! We made another post on our translation blog! Check it out!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Splatoon with Grawp and someone from Japan going by Hiyori (she was really good, too!), getting to watch another episode of Kid Cosmic, managing to get another blog post posted, living in a world where I can import video games from many different countries, and chocolate frosting peanut butter graham cracker sandwiches.
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