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Another busy Sunday

We planned on today to be a little bit extra busy, as Sundays go, but it turned out to be even busier than that! We had our ward Zoom worship service, then we got together with three friends for the sacrament, then we attended a baptism (also via Zoom), and then we went to a Come, Follow Me discussion (also via Zoom).

It was all slightly less intimidating than the other social things we've been up to, because except for the sacrament get-together, we could just hang out in the background if we wanted. I ended up not doing that for the Come, Follow Me discussion, because I really like to talk about the gospel sometimes...and yet I don't really do it much on LiveJournal. I think I prefer to do it in a discussion format, where there are specific questions to answer. Like this time we talked about repentance and how it's a good thing that we get second chances, and about the ministering of angels.

After all that, we watched The Book of Life, because it had been on our minds recently, our TV informed us that it's available again (first it was on Amazon Video, then apparently it was on Disney+, and then it wasn't on Disney+ or Amazon Video, and now it's on Amazon Video) and it's Valentine's Day, so we wanted to watch a love story. I hadn't really thought of it at the time we decided to watch it, but it actually covers romantic love and the love of friends and family--it covers all the kinds of love, so it really was a great choice for Valentine's Day, even if it's technically a Day of the Dead movie.

And now we're going to go to have some chocolate and go to bed early.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to friends, getting to worship the Lord, getting to watch Book of Life, our friends giving us chocolate cake, and getting to take tomorrow off.
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