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Sinistea Party

Today one of our nephews had a birthday party, so our sister made him an Alcremie cake, and frankly, it makes me wish we could have an Alcremie cake, too. Why do our family members always get into the really cool dessert-making after we leave? (Mom started making French macarons the day after we left from our last family visit.)

Anyway, it also had us thinking about themed desserts...or dessert parties! Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have a Sinis-tea party, Alcremie meringue cookies, Slurpuff and Swirlix cakes (or maybe cream puffs?)... Then I remembered that some people like to have savory treats, as well, so I was trying to think of a good sandwich Pokemon. The best we've come up with so far is Crustle, since it's made of layers of sediment. Just use a darker bread, and it looks like earth!

Other than that, we spent the day playing video games. It's really easy to get first place in all the races in MarioKart when you play on the easiest setting! We figure it's okay to start that and work our way up. But it also induces a liiiittle bit of motion sickness, so after a while, we stopped and watched the Glaciator episode of Miraculous instead. Still love it!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see our little sister's cool cakes (maybe one day we'll also get to eat them!), dreams of a Sinistea Party, having a digital copy of the Book of Life to watch for Valentine's Day tomorrow, getting to play some more MarioKart, and the missionaries offering to bring us some leftover ice cream (there was a drive-thru ward activity but we couldn't go because we don't drive).
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