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A most unusual day

Oh man, today has been an unusual day. Mostly in a good way, I think, but it started out not so good. Gilderoy called us before nine in the morning, which is something that makes us grumpy, even if we are fully awake (which we were). His mother apologized later, and said he didn't ask before he called. She needs better security on that phone.

But Gilderoy had to call, because he had just made an amazing discovery about Animal Crossing, and he had to share it with us! ...Which is to say, he hadn't earned his Switch time yet, so he needed somebody else to confirm what he'd just seen on YouTube. Apparently he had just found a video explaining how to get star fragment trees. We were like, "Whaaa...? Why didn't WE think of that?" So we gave in to his demands and tried burying a star fragment to see if a tree would sprout. No luck. We found the magic money spot and buried a star fragment there. Still no luck. (And now we're out one money tree. Oh well; it was for science.)

But Gilderoy had seen it on YouTube, so it must be a real thing! So I Googled it and found out that it's a hack; the game isn't technically supposed to do that. We explained that to Gilderoy, but he would not be convinced until we watched the same YouTube video. So I pulled it up, saw that it was seventeen minutes long, and said dude, we do not have time to watch this long video. Gilderoy helpfully suggested that he hang up, and we could call him back when we were done watching the video. No, child, being on the phone with you is not why we didn't want to spend 17 minutes on a video.

Nevertheless, I wanted to put all of this business to rest, so I started the video. Fortunately, it didn't take long before the YouTuber said, "There is no way to naturally do this." I asked Gilderoy if he heard that, he repeated it verbatim, and said, "But I don't know what that means." So we tried to explain about game programming, but he didn't have the attention span for that (he's not quite seven, after all), so his mom, listening in, said, "It means you have to cheat!" He acknowledged what she said and then told us, "Bye," and that was the end of that. It was pretty abrupt and had us a little off kilter.

After that, we started sorting through our clothes, because we think it's about time we start thinking of donating some stuff...or retiring it, because we have shirts that are pretty threadbare. That turned out to be a more daunting project than we bargained on.

And then! we were invited to a Lunar New Year Zoom party! What! That's awesome! We are really not used to being invited to things, so it makes us super nervous. And the main activity was MarioKart! We didn't have MarioKart! But we had been interested in getting it, so this seemed like a good opportunity...except that it's $60, and we should maybe be not so free with our money right now.

So we called Mom to ask about what we should do. If members of the family were interested in MarioKart, that would be a bigger circle of friends and a bigger justification of the purchase. From the conversation we had, we gathered we weren't going to generate much hype about MarioKart...but at one point, Mom was like, "By the way, I just sent you $60." We were like, "Mom! We weren't trying to beg you for money!" But what we said was, "Wow! Thank you!" Our mommy spoils us.

So we went to the party and we had a great time! We lost most of the races, but we're okay with that. The game is really interesting just to watch, too. One of the partygoers mentioned saying that MarioKart Deluxe must be the neatest game ever, because every time you play, you see something that makes you go, "Oh, that's neat!"

Our introvert batteries were super drained after this whole week (we also had a meeting with the full-time missionaries today!), so we think it was an extra special tender mercy when we were able to catch a shiny Milcery after that in Pokemon. Especially since we fought one yesterday, but it broke out of the Pokeball and got away.

Today I'm thankful for solving the mystery of the star fragment trees (even if the solution was unsatisfying), getting to go to a Zoom party, having friends who want to invite us to Zoom parties, Mom helping us buy MarioKart, and getting to catch a shiny Milcery.
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