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Today was The Busiest. ...I shouldn't talk like that; it's just tempting fate. Today was really busy. And we've had busier days, I think. But this one just involved so many different things...and yet all very similar things. For one thing, we had our weekly simulpub to do, and we were like, "That's cool, we'll just buckle down for an hour or two and finish that up!" Normally, that would have been what happened, but this particular chapter decided to have seven new characters and we had to do research for all of their names, especially because almost all of them had many possibilities for ways we could go with them. The one guy who's name was really straightforward--he is our hero.

While that was going on, we got calls from all the nephews. Okay, not the youngest one, but instead of him, we got a call from a niece. First Gilderoy wanted to tell us about the Super Mario event in Animal Crossing. Fortunately, he hadn't earned his Switch time yet, so the call was brief. (Not that we don't like talking to our nephews, but we were still in the middle of that chapter!)

Then Grawp called and immediately handed his phone over to Hagger. So we played Splatoon with Hagger for a little while, and then we heard Grawp ask his mom if it had been an hour yet and suddenly they were yelling about Hagger having to hand over the Switch to Grawp. So then we played Splatoon with Grawp for a little while. He managed to set up a private Tower Control battle with just him and Athena, so that was pretty fun. And then he was dragged away to the park because his cruel mother insisted he get some sunlight. (If you're reading this, mother, please understand that I meant the "cruel" ironically.)

We finally managed to finish that chapter right after we heard our gate open and close. A package had been left in our patio, and it was not addressed to us. Our complex has a confusing numbering system, so misdeliveries are not uncommon. But now we had to go deliver the package to the correct apartment, and we didn't wanna, so we decided to have a snack first. That's when Rosetta called.

That one was extra cute, because she had a surprise for us in Animal Crossing that she made all by herself. It was a snowflake pochette! And she told us that she caught all six snowflakes to make it all by herself, even though it was hard. Awwwwww! (Now we just have to figure out how to differentiate it from the one we already made...)

Eventually, Rosetta, too, succumbed to the call of the park, and we were go deliver a package. The actual recipients seemed pretty happy to get it, so that was nice. And then we could a couple other things and then relax.

Today I'm thankful for knowing that the nieces and nephews love us, Nintendo Switch online play, finishing that simulpub chapter, the package eventually making it to its rightful owners, and Rosetta working so hard to make us a snowflake pochette.
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