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We're still friends

We have officially not destroyed our relationship with Gilderoy. He called again today, this time to invite us to his island (and to ask us to bring some more mums). He is confident that his new island will eventually be the Best Island Ever(tm) (he didn't actually say "tm", but I'm sure he would have if he'd known it was a thing).

There were some amusing incidents along the way. At one point he decided we needed to stop talking on the phone, and start talking via Animal Crossing...then proceeded to tell us via the phone how to send messages in Animal Crossing. Athena sent one that said, "like this?", and he read it out loud and responded...via phone. There was no Animal Crossing messaging from his end.

At one point he told us, "I get money trees all the time on my island. I don't know why, but I love it." I'm curious to see if he'll stop getting money trees now that he no longer shares an island with his mother. I tried asking him if he knew how to make money trees, but he had already invited Athena to leave (he was eager to get to work for Tom Nook so he could access all the features that require working for Tom Nook first), which means the call was over, and he didn't hear my question. I guess we may or may not find out later.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Animal Crossing with Gilderoy again, getting to read Skip Beat 45, not having to wait super long to read Skip Beat 46 (as long as we actually order it...), the great discussion we had in Sunday school (via Zoom) today, and getting to visit with some other friends (via Animal Crossing / text messages).
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