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Well, today's encounter with Gilderoy did not result in a tantrum, so that's the plus side. It was really almost cute. We came over to our island...and actually apparently today he started a new island? we tried to ask him about it but I think he's in the running for gold medal non-listener, so we're not sure on the details. We've known for a while that his household has had two Switches, which is frankly why we're confused that the new island only started today. Anyway, he may have chalked up some of the difficulties he was having to that.

He came over and, since the purpose of the visit was to obtain flowers, he asked if he could take some. There was some trouble involving shovels--since he'd started a new island, he didn't have one of his own yet. So Athena got him one at Nook's Cranny...and when he got it, he soon discovered that the game would not let him use it. Athena explained the rules of coming to our island: he does not get to dig up flowers until he has pointed out to Athena exactly which ones he wants and she has approved the decision, and he must leave through the airport. He did his best(?) to comply, but he struggled. He asked if he could take all the mums from a certain area, and Athena said he had to leave one of every color. There was only one yellow left, and he said, "I need more yellow," and he dug it up. And Athena said, "No, I said you have to leave one of every color." So he put it back and went to dig up a yellow mum from a different area, so Athena told him no, she hadn't given him permission to dig that one up. So he put it back, and Athena asked, "Would you like to dig up that flower?"

But he was done listening. He went and put back all the other flowers, saying, "I can only take one of each color." I don't know if that's how he interpreted the instructions at first--like maybe he thought he needed more yellow because he didn't have on yet (we don't remember if we had more than one yellow mum in that area...). We tried to explain that he could have other flowers if he asked first, and that we meant he could have all the flowers from the one area except one of each color, but as soon as he had only one of every color, he said bye and he was out. He did go through the airport.

And now we don't know if he really just wanted a few flowers and was done, or if we spoiled all his fun by imposing our horrible tyrannical rules. I suppose only time will tell.

But now let's tell a happier story about him. Unlike us, he's not afraid to make far-from-perfect snow folk in Animal Crossing, so he showed us what happens when you make a "perfectly funny snowman." He made one with a giant body and a teeny tiny head, and we got to see what they say when you do stuff like that. The snowboy was all, "What. Is. Going. On." I think that's pretty funny, so I'm glad we didn't have to miss out on that.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play video games with the nephews (Hagger called, too), getting to see what happens when you make an incredibly disproportionate snowman in Animal Crossing, the Dove chocolates we summoned from the internet on Wednesday, getting to hear Benjamin Bollen's Apollo voice, and getting to watch the Origins episodes of Miraculous.
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