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Kid Cosmic

So we decided to check out Kid Cosmic, and it's really good. ...I mean, the first episode is. We don't really usually have time to binge watch things, so we do the "one episode at a time" deal. I mean, we might have time to binge watch, but we have video games to play. The children have wrought havoc with our schedule. We were halfway through lunch when they called to play Splatoon. And while we were playing Splatoon with Grawp, his cousin Gilderoy called. He wanted to share the extremely scandalous secret he'd just discovered about Tom Nook. Turns out the "raccoon" is actually a villain! What! You know. Because he's constantly making you do all the hard work and then expecting you to pay him for it. It is a pretty jerky thing to do.

That being the case, we did not get very much work done today. We probably could have worked longer to make up for it, since we'd taken such a long break (part of it was our fault for taking time to chat online, also), but right now our workload is light enough that I hope we'll be okay.

Anyway. Kid Cosmic. It's about a kid who lives out in the middle of nowhere and he finds some space rocks, so he turns them into cosmic rings of power. The plot sounds pretty cliche, actually, but it's really all about the characters and the presentation, and both of those are great! Turns out it's created by the people behind Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and that show is amazing. So if you have time, I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a super fun new cartoon, getting to play video games with the nephews, being on a pretty easy and text-light translation, finishing the weekly simulpub chapter that we started yesterday, and not doing terribly in the Splatoon ranked battles.
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