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Lectures from kindergartners

I'm trying to think of something that happened today worth writing about, but I got nothing. Our monthly simulpub took too long, that's the main thing. It was a pretty good chapter, though, even if it did have me going, "Just explain what happened and get on with it already!"

Grawp called and we played some Splatoon. Towards the end of it, things were said that indicated that it had actually been Hermie's turn with the Switch, so now we're wondering if he convinced her to give up her time by promising to call us. That's kind of cute and kind of sad.

Oh yeah! There was one thing that happened. Athena and Grawp ended up on different teams, and I guess Grawp has grown tired of typical turf wars (we did suggest he try ranked battles, and he said he did, and cracked his rank gauge, so he stopped), so he decided to camp out with his charger and try to get Athena specifically. After he shot at her about four times, she managed to come around from behind and splat him, so we both which point Hermie almost immediately scolded us, "It's not nice to laugh at people!"

...She's right. All we could do was apologize. (In our defense, we don't usually laugh when Athena splats people; there was just a little extra schadenfreude because he had been trying so hard to get Athena, which we felt was not very nice to her. Not that that justifies it, though.) Hermie made sure to remind us several times before the phone call ended to remember not to laugh at people. We won't forget now!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our monthly simulpub, almost finishing our weekly simulpub, the weekly not being due today, getting to play Splatoon with Grawp, and having plans to play Splatoon with Hermie sometime soon.
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