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They really like us!

This morning we got an email from LiveJournal telling us our top ten posts from 2020! The most popular was our review of Say I Love You 18, which is kind of weird, because it's three years old, and I would have thought interest in that series would have waned by now, since it's not current. We went back and read it ourselves to see if there was anything especially entertaining about it, but it seemed pretty normal, at least as far as our manga reviews go.

Most of the popular posts were reviews of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun. That makes more sense, because the anime started in 2020, and people would want more information on it. We did not go back to read those, so I just go, "Oh wow, I hope those ones were funny!"

The one that has me worried is the one we wrote about Tamaki from Fire Force. I remember the gist of what we said, but not the details, so while I'm pretty sure I stand by it, I hope I didn't word anything too badly. For the record, we would not boycott Fire Force if they decided to take away Tamaki's lucky lecher lure. I may have defended it, but it's not the hill I want to die on. I'm really much happier to watch lech-free anime.

Today I'm thankful for neat little statistics things like that, getting to play lots of Splatoon with the nephews, the mysterious technical difficulties being just as mysteriously resolved, the beautiful after-the-rain weather we had this evening, and getting to check out the demo of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
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