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Wait for the opportune moment

I can't believe I forgot to mention that yesterday was Haley Joel Osment's birthday! I'm a failure as a fan. And here I am in Kingdom Hearts mode and everything. I did mention it almost a week ago, but it doesn't count; it was too long ago. It was kind of interesting yesterday, though, because I was bored at FHE so I randomly mentioned that it was his birthday, and someone across the room asked how old he is. I had no idea people actually paid so much attention.

Since we've gotten into the habit of going to Jamba Juice before FHE, and we had been plugging Kingdom Hearts like there's no tomorrow, and our anime buddy seemed very excited to see that Winnie the Pooh was in it, and she had mentioned her brother wanting to play it, and GameStop is right next to Jamba Juice, she decided to buy it. It was actually a little bit surprising, because usually when I tell people they should spend money on something, they rarely ever actually do it. But she was clearly walking past Jamba Juice and toward GameStop, so we just followed.

We went in and we couldn't find the game anywhere. It was kind of annoying, but not really surprising, since we've had a hard time finding the game in the past as well. But I was determined now, so I waited until the opportune moment to ask one of the guys working there if they could special order it or something. Finally, one of them had a small stack of games on the counter that he was doing something with, and it just felt like the right moment, so I went up and asked him, "Hey, would it be possible to get... a copy of Kingdom Hearts, like the one sitting right next to your hand?"

Okay, so that's not exactly how I asked, but it's what it felt like. And now our anime buddy's brother became the proud new owner of a copy of Kingdom Hearts. Our anime buddy herself is more like me--she watches while everyone else plays. We don't know if the game was worth their money yet, but we might find out soon, because we have to buy catfood in the near future.

Today I'm thankful for truck drivers, a good memory, the month of April, pepole who listen, and Gummi ship music.
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