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Those darn sound effects

Today our work schedule was thwarted by work. There was a sound effect that just refused to be translated. It's the kind of thing that makes me wish everyone just knew how to pronounce Japanese so we could just transliterate it and be done with it. We asked some colleagues if they had any suggestions for it, but then we just got into a debate about whether or not "plip" was acceptable.

The translation has already been turned in, but in case anybody's interested or may have ideas for future use, there was a girl who was sleeping in like a hospital bed, and tears come to her eyes with the sound "jiwa." It is the sound of getting watery eyes. Some people suggested work-arounds, like "sniffle," because people usually sniffle when they cry, but that wasn't going on here. Apparently "plip" has become so standard to represent that that long-time manga readers associate it with tears coming to the eyes. We were unaware of this trend because we read all our manga in Japanese, and so we think it sounds too much like "drip," which is also a thing that did not happen. I don't know if what we used will work, but for all we know, the editor will just change it to "plip" anyway.

After that, we had an appointment with the full-time missionaries, but it's also our Futagojima neighbor Aurora's birthday, so we wanted to stop in at Animal Crossing and give her a gift. As soon as we started playing, Grawp got the notification that we were online and he called us! He told us he'd told himself that he would only call when he saw us get online, which made it all the more sad when we had to tell him that we could only play for a few minutes. Even worse, we called back after our meeting...right when Grawp's turn on the Switch ended. That's three days in a row we missed our chance to do Turf Wars with Grawp. Hopefully we can play with him soon. He was very reluctant to hand his phone watch over to Hagger.

Today I'm thankful for getting most of our work done anyway, finishing in time for our appointment with the full-time missionaries, getting to play Splatoon with Hagger, the hope of getting to play Splatoon with Grawp (without him going to Octo Canyon the whole time), and having the chance to progress through Octo Canyon ourselves.
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