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Kids do say the darndest things

Work did not go well today. The series we're working on is actually usually pretty easy, but every so often something will come up that stops us in our tracks. Today, it was festival signs, which are usually a nuisance anyway, but are generally pretty standard and not too difficult to translate. For some reason the ones in this series were nearly impossible. I don't know what it was.

But that's not even why work went so badly. Or rather, it didn't go at all. We were stumped on some festival signs when Athena's phone started ringing. She answered it and the first thing she heard was, "[Hagger], why did you take my watch!?" Apparently Hagger had taken Grawp's watch phone so he could call Athena and they could play Splatoon together. And let's be honest, if it's between working and playing Splatoon...

We were sort of responsible about it, though. I continued the attempt to decipher that one sign! ...I failed, and we ended up looking at it again when we got back to work later, but at least I tried.

This time, Athena and Hagger ended up on enemy teams most of the time, so Hermie decided to help her brother out by distracting the competition. We didn't realize this was her plot until his team won and she gleefully revealed that her strategy had worked. We're pretty sure she had very little to do with it, but it's really impossible to say.

So how did she distract us? By constantly telling us jokes of her own inventions, such as, "Why did the sad Inkling go to battle?" "Because he wanted to go home!" And, "Why did the orange Inkling cross the street?" "Because he wanted to play!" Her comedy could definitely use some work, but she's trying and that counts for a lot.

Eventually Hagger ran out of Switch time, so we went back to work! Just kidding; the Switch and phone watch went straight to Grawp...who decided to go fight Octarians, which is the single player mode. So we were like, "Okay, great..." He said he was going to finish there and then go play Minecraft, so Athena said that if he was going to play Minecraft, we had to get back to work. In that case, he decided to keep playing Splatoon, and he said he would finish the level and then they'd do some battles. So he finished a level...and went on to the next one. Kids.

While Grawp got lost in his own world, Hermie took it upon herself to entertain us. Suddenly she just said, "Huh?" to which Athena replied, "Huh?" to which the obvious response was, "Huh?" rejoined by another, "Huh?" You get the idea. Eventually Athena initiated this exchange, "Hello?" "Hello?" "Is anybody there?" "It's me!"

After that, she would just make comments every so often, like, "I wonder how Inklings are real." Grawp heard that and informed her, "Inklings are not real." At one point, Hermie said, "I like to chew on things. Sometimes I chew on watches." Athena suggested, "If you like to chew on things so much, why don't you ask your mom for some gum?" Grawp helpfully supplied, "She doesn't like gum." Hermie proceeded to tell Athena about her favorite toy (or one of them), a princess puppy pony? or purple pony? We couldn't quite make it out (kids don't always enunciate very well), but when Athena asked to confirm, she was not corrected, so here we are. Athena asked if she chews on her puppy pony, and Hermie said, "This is my toy, so I don't chew on it." So Athena continued with, "And the watch you're chewing on now. Who does that belong to?" I think she started to answer, but she didn't get a word out before Grawp suddenly shouted, "Hey, stop chewing on my watch!"

We did manage to get back to work when he had to go to a school meeting (via Zoom). He said he was going to call back, but his mother informed him he was out of Switch time, so he was welcome to call us anyway, but he wouldn't get to have the Switch back. So we never heard from him. But it's for the best. We worked for a little over an hour and then it was our usual quitting time, so we stopped. Fortunately, our schedule right now is such that it won't cause any problems. We should be able to finish the translation tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for the darndest things kids say, having a lovely time playing Splatoon with Hagger and playing Splatoon adjacent to Grawp, Hermie's charming conversation (Hagger was pretty good about conversing, too; while we were waiting for things to load, he suddenly goes, "So how was your day?"), getting some work done anyway, and being on track to finish our translation tomorrow.
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