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The manga has landed!

The Shonen Sirius manga magazine comes out every month on the 26th. It's not the 26th yet here, but it is in Japan, and that means! The Miraculous manga has made its debut! WOOHOOOOOOO!!! We were pretty eager to check it out, so we bought an issue of the magazine on Book Walker (buy your manga legal, folks!) and we read it!

...It was kind of an ordeal, actually, because we finished work for the day, and while I was doing the rounds of email and Facebook, Athena decided to see if the newest Sirius was available yet. It was! So instead of having a snack like we usually do right after work, even though we were kind of starving, we decided to read Miraculous! (We have our priorities.) And when we were halfway through the chapter! ...Hagger called, ready to play Splatoon!

So Miraculous had to wait. Fortunately, it was the manga adaptation of the Stormy Weather episode, so it's not like we were dying to know what happened next (we'd seen it ten times already). And we had a lovely time playing Splatoon with Hagger, during which time we were miraculously (see what I did there?) put on the same team five times in a row! Hagger's mom said she needed the TV in a few minutes, and he was good enough to relay that information to us (we also overheard it when she told him), so we played a few more (three-minute) battles, and in an effort to not enable irresponsibility, I said, "Didn't your mom need the TV?" And he was all, "No...?" Mere moments later, we hear her voice ask, "Are you done with the TV yet?" and he goes, "...Oh." So we played one more battle and then! we went back to the Miraculous manga! Even though we were still starving.

It's so cute, you guys! I don't think they're going to do every episode of the TV show (but who knows?), but this first chapter was an adaptation of Stormy Weather. I would definitely not call it a shot-for-shot remake, but there were enough similarities that for a while I was worried that they might not ever need a J-E translator, because they could just use the TV scripts. (They would at least need somebody to tell them which lines go where, though, right? right? *pleads desperately*) But there were enough differences that they would definitely need some help.

For example! after Ladybug made sure Alya and Manon weren't in any immediate danger, she looked back to where Adrien's photo shoot was supposed to be happening and went, "Oh no! Adrien is gone!" and then when she met up with Chat Noir later, she's like, "A boy disappeared from the park! We have to make sure he's okay!" And he's like, "Uhh... He's fine; I already got him to safety!" And that stuff wasn't in the original episode (and keep in mind that I'm just paraphrasing the lines from memory; you can steal them if you want, but you might be wrong! (<--desperate attempt to prove(?) that we're needed to translate this manga)), but it was so very much in character for both of them.

That's one of the things we really liked--the manga artist seems to understand the characters very well. In fact, she always draws Giuseppe (that's Adrien's photographer; you learn his name in the Ladybug episode) in kind of an exaggerated caricature, but it was so very least, the way we understand him, anyway. Hopefully the show creators agree.

What else, what else? Um...Manon was super cute, like, to the point where I wonder if Manon is a personal favorite of the manga artist's, because it almost looks like extra care went into drawing her. And oh yeah! there was just one panel where there was an extra that looked exactly like one of the stock extras you see in almost every episode (the one that looks like Auguste's mother). That cracked us up. This manga artist is definitely a fan of the show.

Oh! it was interesting to see that the Japanese version uses the English versions of the transformation commands, but (a shortened version of) the French for Ladybug's "de-evilize" line. Frankly, I'm glad, because I think the whole "evilize" thing is a little silly. The French translates to, "I free you from evil!" which is a much cooler concept (although I admit is tricky to get to sound right in English). It also uses the French name for Chat Noir and the English name for Hawk Moth. I think the point is to go with whatever sounds coolest. I do find it curious that they translated "Bye-bye, little butterfly," into complete Japanese, since "bye-bye" shows up in Japanese stuff all the time (and even in the French version, she says "bye-bye").

And that's all I can remember for now. We're up late because we had a watch party with Cecille. And what did we watch? You guessed it! Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez! It was a good time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read the Miraculous manga, getting to play Splatoon with Hagger, technology that lets us buy manga magazines and read them on their Japanese release date, technology that lets us play videos games with our family even when they're miles away, and technology that lets us watch movies with our friends who are also miles away.
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