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Pink! Pink! Pink!

Today disappeared into a cloud of technicolor ink, which is to say that we spent a major chunk of it playing Splatoon. It was really cute. We were taking a break from chores to visit our Animal Crossing island, and then we wanted to check the Dynamax dens in Pokemon. We were in the middle of a battle with a Froslass when my phone started ringing. It was Sarah, who was calling me with her own phone because Grawp refused to let Hagger borrow his phone, and Hagger wanted to play Splatoon with Athena.

So that's what we did. two hours? I don't remember. It was pretty fun. Then it was Grawp's turn with the Switch, so Sarah hung up and went to get a snack and told Grawp to call us, which he did, and almost immediately forgot that Athena was playing Splatoon, as well. He wasn't really interested in doing Turf Wars today, is what that means. They did for a little while anyway, and then he ran off to rescue zapfish. And Athena was like, "Okay, cool. You go do that, and I'll go fight more Max Raid Battles." Did I mention Pokemon is doing a Lunar New Year's thing where you can get a shiny Tauros? Well, no luck so far, but we'll try again tomorrow.

Anyway. It's not a whole lot worth writing about, but it sure took up a lot of time. And it was fun, but also a liiiittle brain-fog inducing. The most amusing part was when Grawp ended up on a pink team, and Hermie for whatever reason decided that "pink" was the most fun word to say, ever, and she just started saying, "Pink! Pink! Pink!" So just imagine this tiny little girl voice going, "Beep! Beep! Beep!" only with "pink" instead. It was so cute. Athena decided to join in with a low, "Bluuuuuuue!" At one point Athena realized that the "best" color (for debatable definitions of "best") is a high-pitched, "Greeeeeeeeeeen!"

We amuse ourselves, anyway. We also tried the gritty Winx and an episode of Cobra Kai, and both of them were too dramatic and edgy for our liking. The stories were intriguing in both, but we were like, "Okay, you have swears, we get it. Now can you get on with the plot?" (I kid. The swears were annoying, but not a deal breaker. What lost us more was the slow pacing.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Splatoon with Grawp and Hagger, Hermie's commentary, remembering to order a gift for Gwen for her birthday, getting some housework done before the children called, and also getting to try for a shiny Tauros.
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