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Today was full of good stuff! Probably the most relevant to anyone reading this is that we started a new translation blog entry! Tadah! We didn't get very far on it, though. It's kind of like fighting an uphill battle with those things right now, and we figure the best way to make that aspect stop is to not push ourselves too hard (just a little hard). But we're working on it!

We also finished Alice in Borderland...just season one, and I don't know if we'll care enough when season two hits. But oh my goodness, that witch hunt. As if it wasn't bad enough that Arisu knew who the witch was from the very beginning of the episode but refused to tell anyone for dramatic effect or whatever, when everybody finally does know who it is, and she's already a corpse so it's not like they have to kill anybody else just toss her in the fire, they have to stand around having a heart-to-heart!? Even before Ann showed up with proof and Aguni was like, "No, I'm the witch, come at me!" could not somebody have been like, "You know...she's already dead and they're distracted. Why don't I just kinda drag this body closer to the fire?" Frankly, I was shocked they still had a whole three minutes left by the time they finally got around to carrying her over to the flames. For crying out loud.

Also, Grawp called us for the first time all year! We thought we'd lost him forever to Minecraft, but our Splatoon plan worked, mwa ha ha. It was so cute. At first, he was like, "I keep forgetting to call you!" At least he's thinking about us. And then he was like, "Hagger's been asking Grandma for this game, so she gave Mom money, and now we have it. It's called Splatoon." (The part of the story he doesn't know is that Athena and I had an idea (courtesy of Smash Bros.) that the nieces and nephews would love Splatoon, so we downloaded it ourselves, confirmed that yes it is very fun, and then collaborated with Grandma, who planted the idea into the mothers' heads and financed the rest of our scheme. Fortunately, by the time this plan went into effect, the game was on sale. (Not for us, though, alas.))

We were eating dinner, so instead of saying, "Hey, we have it, too! Let's play together!" we said, "Oh, really. Tell us about this game." So he told us about it and I wish I could remember what he said, because that was really cute, too. (I don't know how he'd feel if he read this journal and saw how much I call him cute...) And then, when we got closer to finishing our meal, I said, "You wanna know a secret?" "What?" "We have it, too." "You have what?" "Splatoon!"

And thus began our evening of constant Turf Wars. It was a good time. I'm a little worried about what this might do to our free time for the immediate future, but that's okay. We're ahead of schedule on most things. And we won't forget the blog, don't worry! (It's still going to be slow, though.)

And then we stayed up late playing Pokemon. Just a little bit. They're doing an event for the Lunar New Year, and we think that's a pretty cool time to get a shiny Tauros, so we're trying. We'll see if we succeed.

Today I'm thankful for hearing from Grawp, getting to play Splatoon together, being done with Alice in Borderland, getting to try almond butter (it's pretty good!), and having those Pillsbury cookies with the red and pink hearts.
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