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Oh man, today has been a day. Not a bad day, exasperating one, I guess. Work was much more of an ideal than we expected, and one of our Animal Crossing neighbors wanted to move away, but we couldn't let him because he hasn't given us his photo yet, and he's one of our very first neighbors, so we're like why in the heck can we not get his photo!? We just don't know how to deal with this personality type, I guess. Of course, we have two neighbors with that personality, and three with the personality of our other first neighbor...whose photo we still have yet to acquire. We're at a total loss, and it's frustrating.

So we gave up the video games in favor of TV, and we watched episode seven of Alice in Borderland, which somehow felt like it took forever and ever. Maybe it was all the blood... The last few episodes were so much nicer, we let our guard down. We should have known it was going to get worse again. Oh well, just one more episode and then we can ignore it when season two comes around.

We watched some more Winx Club, too, and that one also feels very very slow. We're sure there's an interesting overall story, and we want to watch it, but...maybe it was just extra hard today for some reason.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota despite troubles, getting a new DIY recipe, getting some Capricorn fragments yesterday, having room in the fridge for juice now, and getting to play a little Splatoon.
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