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More international cartoons

We're two days in a row on Ring Fit Adventure! Woohoo! ...Of course, this means Athena did one day and I did one day, but it's still good that we've established a pattern!

We also found out about Netflix doing a gritty remake of W.I.N.X. Club, which is something we kept hearing about but never actually saw, so we tracked down the first episode (on an app called and we watched it! ...and continue to not be big fans of English dubs of things. We read something recently where someone said something about how people who watch anime in Japanese (WINX is an Italian series, but it's the same principle) only like it because it's exotic, or they want to act smarter or something. And while we won't deny that we do enjoy hearing things in other languages, and it's even more fun when you can be like, "Ooh! I know what that meant!" (not so much for Japanese now that we've been at it for well over a decade), I definitely think there seems to be more sincerity in the performances when something is in its original language.

But I realized that opinion comes from not having watched a lot of English cartoons in many years, so I was like, "Maybe we should find an English dub of something so we can get to the big dramatic scenes and see if we still feel like the actors are 'doing a voice' more than 'playing a role.'" That was a difficult idea, though, because we're so resistant to English dubs. But WINX Club is only available in English! So if we like the story enough, we might use that for our experiment. I mean, we might use Pokemon XY, but I' dramatic Pokemon will actually get...but then I think about Mewtwo Strikes Back, and I'm like, "Okay, yeah, Pokemon can get pretty heavy." So I guess we'll just see how much time we have and where our priorities are. Meanwhile, Mom wants us to watch Cobra Kai. So many things to watch...

Today I'm thankful for getting to try another new cartoon, our chocolate chip pancake experiment being a success and not a total disaster, getting to have chocolate chip pancakes, getting more Ring Fit!, and Mom tipping us off to the Castlevania anniversary bundle.
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