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Our work schedule is a little bit light currently, and I'm not sure if that's going to come back to bite us later (either with a bunch of work that suddenly needs to get done right now or with unpaid bills (hopefully the current workload is at least enough to pay the bills, though)), but for now we're making the most of it. How? By attempting to get back into Ring Fit Adventure! ...It's only been one day, which is much too early to report.

If our schedule continues to be manageable, we're also hoping to get back to blog writing...but also a little daunted at the thought of it, so it's one of those things. What kind of things? I don't know...those things. Anyway, the point is, we haven't forgotten about it!

We also got back to Alice in Borderland (since we finished Lupin), and were highly amused to see how close the Beach is to Disneyland. I'm tempted to think it would have been Disneyland if not for copyright issues. We're glad it's not, though, because we like to keep thinking that Disneyland is for the more pure, innocent types, and not the wild party types.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, having time to exercise! (we hope), today's episode of Alice in Borderland being a lot less bluh, also getting to watch the Party Crasher episode of Miraculous, and getting to work on Those Not-So-Sweet Boys tomorrow.
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