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A bit of a snag

Since Athena has an ocarina that looks like Sailor Moon's transformation brooch, we thought it would be cool to work out an ocarina/piano duet of Moonlight Densetsu. So I'd been spending a little time here and there trying to figure out how to get the melody onto some sheet music so I could work out some accompaniment, and I finally figured it all out! I even started working on some left-hand notes for the piano, and then we thought wait, there are some limitations to what the ocarina can play; we should try out this melody to see if we can figure out the best way to tweak it, or if the piano should take more of the melody or what.

So Athena pulled out her ocarina...and the whole thing was a bust from the beginning, because it turns out that particular ocarina is not a C instrument, but a C-sharp instrument. I don't think that's a very common thing. But that explains why the fingering chart that came with it doesn't give notes, but instead says, like, 5, 5#, indicating the number of holes covered. Apparently the makers of this ocarina were not planning for it to be used in ensemble numbers.

Fortunately, it should be a fairly simple fix. The app I'm using will let me easily shift all the notes up or down, and then I just have to edit the key register. But we were done with musical composition for the day, so that's going to have to wait.

Instead of working on that, we decided to watch Mune: The Guardian of the Moon. We were vaguely aware of its existence before, and then after we watched Lupin, we looked up the guy who plays Assane and found out that he's in it. And since we love French animation now, and it shares a producer with Miraculous, we decided to check it out! And the verdict is...I love the concept and the characters are all a lot of fun, but they spent less time on character development than we like compared to the time spent on visuals (which, I admit, were indeed stunning). Ah well.

Then we got back to our Jules Verne reading, which was nice except that a dog died, and that super bummed us out. Poor puppy.

Today I'm thankful for making progress on our musical goals, getting to watch another cute French movie, getting to read more Jules Verne, getting to meet the new missionaries in our ward (they taught Sunday school (via Zoom) this week), and chocolate.
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