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It's real!

It's real! The aurora in Animal Crossing is real! I don't know what happened. Maybe complaining to the internet fixed it. But we had a bunch of our Animal Crossing neighbors mention an aurora again this afternoon, and we were like, "Yeah, uh-huh, sure." But of course we checked anyway, and this time we thought maybe we should get there at seven, instead of waiting until eight, and maybe that was the trick, because there it was! The aurora! ...And it was pretty neat, I guess. I admit, recently Athena and I realized that pictures and videos of auroras don't really look all that spectacular. But I'm willing to believe it's much better live, like when we went to see the bioluminescence at the beach. I don't think that would have been nearly as cool if we were just looking at pictures.

After that, we had time to watch a movie, and Netflix had alerted us to something called "Charming." We knew it was exactly the kind of, "Hey, we're going to be subverrrrrsive and point out how we're sooo much smarter than alllll the Disney princesses," but the premise also reminded us of Ouji to Majo to Himegimi to, which is a shoujo manga that we really liked a lot, and there was some hope that maybe there would be some good introspective character development based on a plot like that. So we checked it out! ...And our first assessment was right. I mean, it looked like it was trying to get some important themes in there about optimism, and believing in love, and looking past the surface... But these days most movies seem to think that if they just have a character say something about it, they've made the point, and this movie was not an exception. I did like the continuing obsession with pancakes, though.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see the aurora in Animal Crossing, the grocery store having cheese pizza, not being totally destroyed in all the Pokemon battles today, getting more Snicker's peanut brownies, and also winning some turf wars in Splatoon.
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