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Oops, we did it again

We had cookies for dinner again. We only soooort of planned to. Somebody at our grocery store has been buying up all the frozen cheese pizza. Even our backup pizza was sold out last weekend! So we were like, "Maybe we'll buy cookie dough and have cookies for dinner one night." We did kind of think about avoiding that scenario, but our other options tonight were mac & cheese and pancakes, and we had the former last night and the latter is too much effort. So we had cookies...and my goodness, these monstrous cookies. We could only handle half of them. But that's not enough calories for the day, so we're going to have more when we're done here. The chocolate in them sure is yummy!

Other than that, the only real news is that we're really loving this Lupin show on Netflix. And we planted the idea of Splatoon in Mom's head, so we might be playing with nieces and nephews online before too long after all.

Today I'm thankful for delicious cookies, almost meeting our work quota for today despite it seeming nearly impossible based on the pace we started at, getting to watch more Lupin, having a pretty nifty pirate room in our Animal Crossing house, and having one pizza (we're saving it for Friday; it's pepperoni).
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