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At least the panther was pretty

Oh my goodness, so we decided that yes, we did want to watch more Alice in Borderland and the fourth episode needed some ranting, which is not to say that it was poorly done, necessarily, just that we wanted to yell at the characters. It's just that, like, guys. Fine, don't worry about paying as much attention to your surroundings as possible; it's not like your life depends on it or anything. ...Oh wait.

So they got the instructions for this episode's game, and they just, like, start running. If you're not watching Alice in Borderland but are reading this anyway, I will explain. The game starts in a bus. When it begins, they're instructions are that the game is called Distance, and they need to overcome the challenges and get to the goal within the time limit. Simple enough. My first thought was, "Okay, but where's the goal?" Nobody bothered asking that, though, they just decided to get going. The guy with the sprained ankle was like, "Oh no, am I going to have to run?" and the other guy's like, "Well, the bus is out of gas, so I guess so." So he's all, "Just go on without me!" and they're all like, "Angst! *bites fist* ...Okay." Except for Arisu, of course, who's like, "But...!" and Usagi's like, "No, we have to leave him." Fine, whatever. Just whatever. Did anybody bother to look for instructions on where the goal is yet? No? Cool, let's just run.

Their phones have a display on them with a number labeled "Distance." It starts at zero. Athena's first question is, "Is that supposed to be distance you've run or the distance to the goal?" Actually it was more like, "Is that the distance to the goal, or from the goal?" but we were too busy watching the show to come to, "It doesn't matter, because either way, it means you're already at the goal." The characters seemed to take it to mean the distance they'd run, which raises the question, "What's the point of that?"

Guys. It was a clubs game. Spades games are the physical games. Clubs games are not physical. So why in the actual heck would they think, "This must be a marathon run!" instead of, "Hm. Maybe we should stop and think about this."

Needless to say, neither of us was surprised when it turned out that the bus was the goal all along. The worst was how they revealed it to the audience. After all the scary stunts and everything, the survivors come out of the bus and look at the side of it, which is graffitied in HUGE letters with the word "goal." HELLO!?!? The whole thing in the first episode was about how Arisu figured out the game because he was so smart and he noticed important details as they were going into the game building. Why did he not notice it this time!? ...Well, maybe it was because he was still a little despondent. Okay, fine.

But man, I wish people would ask questions more, especially in a world where survival depends on it, and in a game category that has proven to involve trickery like that. If that's going to be a thing, I sure hope it gets addressed in the series, like, "Hey, maybe we should think about things before jumping to conclusions about the instructions. We might save some lives, and avoid getting mauled by a panther."

On a happier note, I do really like that Arisu is determined to save as many people as he can. I think part of what made the first few episodes so hard was the everyone-for-themself mentality, which is just so stressful.

We watched the show while downloading Splatoon 2. Athena played as an Inkling one time when we were playing Smash Bros., and it made her think, "Gosh, I bet the nieces and nephews would love playing Splatoon." So we decided to use some of our Christmas money from Nanny and Pappy to get ourselves a copy and check it out. Our verdict is yes, the turf wars are a heck of a lot of fun, and the kids probably would really get a kick out of it, if they can get the hang of the game mechanics (but kids usually pick up on that stuff pretty quick). But it would require everyone to have their own copy, and that can get pricey, so it's not extremely likely to happen. At any rate, now we can play it, so that's a bonus.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play a fun new video game, finishing work extra early, the yummy cake we had for a snack, getting to watch the Dark Owl episode of Miraculous (our strategy with Alice in Borderland is to watch one episode, then watch Miraculous to reset the mood), and getting better at making pancakes.
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