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It's nice to be remembered

Anime News Network finally reported on the Miraculous manga story yesterday (incidentally, the first official announcement was on ladybug day, October 10), and now we have people coming out of their way to point it out to us! This is an exciting development, because it means people in the manga industry and adjacent to it know that we adore Miraculous and would love nothing more than to translate the manga officially! Hopefully this is true for whoever gets the rights for English distribution.

Speaking of people thinking of us, we also got Athena's Christmas gift from our stepbrother yesterday. It was a volume of manga--Star Wars Rebels--and a $20 Amazon gift card. I think it's a really great gift because it shows that he thought about Athena's interests (manga), and chose something that represents himself as the giver (he's a big Star Wars fan, even though his dad's more of a Trekker) but also is in line with the interests of the receiver. Good thing he picked something we didn't translate, too! Maybe after Athena reads the manga, we'll check out the series...mostly to see who's in the French dub, but we might actually like it, too!

Today I'm thankful for thoughtful Christmas gifts, people thinking of us when they see stories about Miraculous, having time to read manga today, shorter Come Follow Me lessons giving us more time to really think about the material, and getting to watch more of The Repair Shop (we only have two episodes left now... DX)
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