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Annual manga collage!

I don't know what it says about us that our most social nights are the ones when we have meteor showers in Animal Crossing. I guess it says that we're more willing to reach out to people when we have something to offer them, even if it's a silly little video game. Anyway, we had a meteor shower on our island in Animal Crossing tonight, and we invited a few people to our island to wish on stars. Tadah! I really appreciate that Nintendo keeps coming up with ways to prod us shy gamers into socializing.

Do I have anything else to say...? Oh yes! lyschan, in her continuing awesomeness, made us another year-in-translation collage, featuring covers from everything we translated in 2020! Tadah!

We didn't translate as many books in 2020 as we did in previous years, but that's a good thing. We had a lot more time to relax and recharge. We're still not quite over our burnout, but even if we're not getting there, we're at least not regressing! There are a lot of really great titles on there, and we're very blessed to be able to work at something we love, and to be able to keep working without too much trouble after everything went remote.

Today I'm thankful for lys making us another beautiful collage, getting to hang out with friends on our Animal Crossing island, still having a bunch of chocolate meringue cookies, getting a pirate dress from Gullivarrr, and already having some interesting new titles to look forward to this year.
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