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It's time for another...

Year in review post! Tadah! It's the same old thing where we post the first bit from the first post for each month.

We spent the whole day working, but we finished our quota! (I mean, mostly. We still have two profiles to fill out, but out of so many other things we had to do today, we're calling it close enough.) So things are looking pretty good! Although I admit it got extra hard at a certain point during the day. See, for Christmas, Grawp got a kid-friendly phone watch, and today, he convinced his mother to add us as one of his contacts.

There is no way to honestly tell this story without spoiling the big reveal before I get to it (I mean, maybe there is, but I'm too tired to figure it out), so I'm just going to start right off by saying we did not binge watch new episodes of Miraculous today. Not for lack of planning, though.

We disappeared yesterday! Because we had Stake Conference this week, and that resulted in us being up too late last night to post anything. We had to get to bed so we could get up for more church this morning! There were some great talks, but after being in the Primary so long, our attention spans are not used to two-hour meetings anymore.

We just got back from watching The Pain again, so I have to stop and think about what all else we did today. (The Pain is what we call the season three finale of Miraculous.) Oh yeah, simulpubs. That's what we did today. And oh my goodness! There was a reference to the coronavirus. And only one of our simulpubs takes place in the current modern world, and we did that one last week. [Now I can reveal: that simulpub was UQ Holder!, which takes place several decades in the future.]

We were not wrong about the nephew being more excited about calling us [because we'd gotten Smash Bros. for our birthday the day before], but it was still unexpected. Fortunately, we did manage to get some work done before it happened, and we were basically planning to not really get much work done today anyway. At about lunch, he called and said, "Can you play Smash Brothers?" So we turned on the game, but his sister had gotten first choice and they were playing Mario Party at the time of the phone call. But he said we could play Smash Brothers while they finished their Mario Party game. I still don't know why he didn't just call when they were done, but now that we had permission to play Smash Bros, who was I to argue?

We actually thought our schedule was pretty doable. I mean, with three books in two weeks, it could be a little tight, but Saiyuki can be pretty light on text, so as long as it doesn't get too technical with the language, three books in two weeks should be perfectly reasonable. But then. We got an email from an editor from a different publisher, asking if we could fit a book in by the 12th. Normally, that would be easy-peasy, but, as previously explained, we already have three books to do in that time. We said we thiiiink we can do it, and we'll try! And our editor is so kind, he said well, it's the last volume of the series, so we probably don't want to rush it. And he gave us four more now it's not due until the day after all the Saiyuki books. Ha, ha, ha.

Our first official day of vacation! ...I'm sure nobody is surprised that we spent a good deal of it playing Animal Crossing. But it's a new month! New bugs, new fishes! We were a little disappointed that we couldn't do photo shoots on Harv's Island...I mean, we could have, but we have to come up with our own theme, and for some reason we like doing other people's themes better. But we caught a whole bunch of cicadas.

A new month, a new day catching bugs and fish on Animal Crossing. We are starting to think we might need to schedule other things into our days, but since it was a new month, we figured it would be okay to focus on Animal Crossing for today. And we caught a moray eel, a walker cicada, and a rice grasshopper! We also requested that K.K. Slider sing Mountain Song, and it was lovely. Five stars, would recommend.

The plan was to take the day off to see all the new September stuff in Animal Crossing, but we didn't finish all our work yesterday, so we had to press pause on the video games for about an hour while we got that taken care of. Turns out the Animal Crossing stuff wasn't super duper exciting, but it was pouring down rain on our island, so we finally caught a coelacanth. We were also perhaps disproportionately excited to shake some trees and find acorns and pine cones. Now we're impatient to get DIY recipes to use them in.

Today was a pretty normal day, but! we finished all our work! And by that, I mean our next deadline isn't until the 26th, and it's for a book that probably won't take very long, which means we can take tomorrow off! Woohoo! That's extra good news, because we won't be able to sleep in this weekend, so we can definitely use the extra sleep tomorrow morning.

I've been thinking about Thanksgiving. We've already seen a couple of people on Facebook say that we should just skip Thanksgiving this year, and if they're just talking about the turkey feast, then fine. Athena and I have been eating pizza and Baked! Ruffles as our Thanksgiving feast for years--we've always been of the opinion that holiday celebrations are designed to be happy and fun, so do whatever is happy and fun for you, even if it's nothing.

We were feeling much better today, but we still refrained from the rhythm games because we're not confident we have the brain power to not give ourselves headaches with the intense concentration. So instead, we tried some new anime! And we proved that either we really were a lot less tired today than we were yesterday, or it's not anime in and of itself that puts us to sleep. ...Probably a little of both. We did watch an episode of Hercules the Animated Series that had a lot of repetition in it, and that may have caused some dozing, so I'm going to say it may be that when our brains register something as "been there, done that," they check out.

And there you have it! ...I'd say it's about half the same as previous years, and half video games. That is pretty much how we spent this year. It doesn't really show from the selection, but we actually did have less work this year...or maybe it does show, because we spent so much time playing Animal Crossing... But there were some posts about being crunched later in the year than I realized. I guess it comes in spurts now.

Of course, the posts only hint at one of the biggest events of the year, which of course was the pandemic. The shutdown started in the middle of the month...but I'm not sure I mentioned it then, either. I do remember writing a post about grocery shopping being more of a hassle. We have been very blessed in that the only people we know who caught the 'rona only caught a very mild version of it, and for that, we are very grateful.

Less fortunate is that our beloved Page passed away this year. We still miss her dearly.

Other than that...well, what with everything (by which, let's be honest, I mean Disneyland) being closed, pretty much all we did was work and play video games...which is not that much different than any other year, except for a lot less Disneyland. We probably wouldn't have had nearly as much time for video games if we had gone to Disneyland as much as usual. It's starting to dawn on me that, while we have worked on fewer books this year, maybe the reason it feels like we had so much free time is that we weren't constantly taking off to the so-called Happiest Place on Earth.

Oh, and there was plenty of obsessing over Miraculous, but I don't really have anything to add to that right now (except that we did just finish watching the New York special for the tenth time).

This year I'm very thankful for our health, having adapted to being shut up at home for days on end years ago, all the new Miraculous we got to see this year, all the fun video games that have kept us company, and the technology that's helped us to stay in touch with people from a distance.
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