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Plot holes

This morning we read an article about how a Pixar director finally explained a plot hole in the original Toy Story. The problem was that, in the first movie, Buzz doesn't think he's a toy, but he still goes all stiff or whatever when Andy comes along. People have noticed that this is inconsistent. Athena and I actually never gave it much thought, because it's fairly easy to explain. Either there's something in toy DNA that compels them to do it, or, as an ambassador from another planet, it's a "when in Rome" sort of thing. Not the sort of thing that really takes me out of a movie with or without an explanation.

But. The director in question said, according to the article, that that issue had come up during story meetings, and their solution was, "Eh, nobody cares." And he went on to explain that part of storytelling is predicting which elements the audience is going to notice and which ones they'll let slide. And that attitude is a little infuriating. It's like...I don't know. Either they're underestimating the audience's intelligence, or...maybe they just have a lot of faith in the audience's suspension of disbelief or their willingness to overlook things? It certainly explains how Inside Out got away with its massively huge plot hole anyway.

I don't know. People still adore Pixar, so maybe it's fine. It's not fine for me personally, though. I like to see when storytellers looked at all the angles and did their best to make everything consistent. ...And I don't have a lot of coherent thoughts on this, because I spent most of the day on other things, like work and video games. So maybe the point about how people don't care that much is even more valid than I thought. But it still makes me super annoyed at all their movies...which was already the case, so nothing has changed.

Today I'm thankful for storytellers who try to fill the plot holes, getting another Alolan Vulpix, making really good progress on work, being on track to finish one more translation before the year is out (although we might save the final read-through for next year), and Graham giving us a mariachi outfit to wear with the sombrero we got from Gulliver.
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