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A sudden realization

Our Boxing Day has not been especially eventful. We tried hosting a Pokemon tournament for our family, but we didn't communicate about it very well and everybody ended up having other plans (Grawp's were to play Minecraft, which, from what I hear about kids his age and Minecraft, we really can't blame him for), so it was just Athena and Mom, and that's when we found out that the Pokemon tournaments don't let you battle the same person more than once. So that ended reeeeal quick.

More importantly, we watched Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez again, and we have some thoughts.

Actually, we had these thoughts a few nights ago, but I had other things to post about, so they waited until now. See, in all my other writings about it, where I'm all, "Gosh, I want Marinette to get over this 'just friends' business," and, "It looks like it might be that her feelings are leaning more toward Chat Noir..." it may seem that I had completely forgotten about the very dramatic scene where Marinette proclaims her love to Adrien. And in fact, the scene did tend to slip my mind, much as I like it. It's just that it wasn't really news to anyone, not even really Marinette, and since Marinette was alone in the scene, it didn't do anything to change the status quo (especially since she's back to her old wishy-washy self by the end of the special).

But the other night we realized something very important. Marinette was not alone during that scene. Tikki and Plagg were with her. And all along, Tikki has known that Marinette was crushing hard on Adrien. More recently, Tikki learned that Adrien is Chat Noir, and that Chat Noir was serious about all his love confessions to Ladybug. So she's known for a while that the couple's love is mutual. Plagg, on the other hand, has just been laughing at Adrien's pining for Ladybug. He's known Ladybug's secret identity, but not the fact that Marinette is in love with Adrien.

So now, after this very dramatic scene in New York, Plagg has learned that "the other boy" Ladybug kept talking about (no mention of him in the special, because now they're "just friends," I guess) is, in fact, Adrien. This could be huge! ...Assuming Plagg was paying any attention, or not knocked out temporarily by Marinette falling on top of him or something. What will he do with this information? ...Probably not a whole lot, if the pace of the relationship progression is going to stay what it's been, but at the very least, we're eager to see how this affects his reactions to Adrien's pining.

...But will Adrien pine as much, now that he has Kagami? ( hurts...) He is still giving Ladybug flowers, so it seems he hasn't given up hope entirely. I mean, it's not like he can just tell Kagami, "There's someone else," because she would be like, "Oh, really. Who?" and he'd be like, "Uuhhhh..."

Anyway. As usual, we're really excited to see more! But we will wait as patiently as we can. We know what burnout is like, and we wouldn't want to inflict it on anyone, especially anyone working on a series that deserves as much love as we think this one does.

Today I'm thankful for having gained more knowledge of the process of hosting Pokemon tournaments, getting to watch Miraculous New York again, the super soft lining on the slippers Mom gave us, Reese's "mystery shapes," and having later church tomorrow.
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