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Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody! To be honest, ours has been a little lonely. After Grawp called us almost every day for several days in a row, it's been kind of tough not having it happen on days where people traditionally spend time with family. But the important thing is that he's having a good time with his immediate family, and we're perfectly capable of entertaining ourselves, so that's what we did!

...Mostly by playing Animal Crossing. And sleeping. We slept pretty late this morning. We didn't entirely neglect all the other video games I was complaining about yesterday, either...although we didn't get much done in any of them. Just a little bit of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, and a whole lot of figuring out what we want to do about Kingdom Hearts III ReMind. We did eventually get it figured out, but we're going to need to talk to a friend about using a Japanese address...

We watched an episode of Good Morning Call, and oh my goodness, the male lead in that is the worst. He's just so awful to Nao, and it's so cliched it makes me wonder why we ever liked shoujo manga in the first place. So I started trying to come up with a list of shoujo manga with nice male leads, which was only hard because I'm so good at compartmentalizing things in my mind, and since we've mostly been playing video games, shoujo manga isn't easy to recall. But! I do have some good ones: Wake Up Sleeping Beauty, That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!, Waiting for Spring, Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight... Mostly the ones we translated recently, because they're freshest in my memory.

We also engaged in our most consistent Christmas tradition, which is to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol. We thought about watching it on Disney+ to let their algorithms know more of the stuff we actually like, but our research tells us they don't yet have the "When Love Is Gone" scene. Not only that, but apparently we've done a good job hanging on to our ancient DVD, because the Blu-ray doesn't have that scene on it anywhere, either. Also fortunate for us, because Muppet Christmas Carol is such an enduring tradition, we were able to easily locate said ancient DVD. So we watched the old square aspect ratio version, complete with "When Love Is Gone," right in the spot in the movie where it should be.

But oh my goodness, you guys, that movie is so good. The amount of practical effects that just sneak right past you until you're like, "Wait, that's not a rat and a whatever spinning on a rope; there are guys under there holding them up! But it looks like they're hanging on a rope with gravity and torque and everything working just the way it would if it was only a rat and a whatever." The whole "Light the lamp not the rat!" gag has so many special effects. And they never call attention to themselves. It's amazing. And the storytelling quality! having Gonzo and Rizzo to make the old-fashioned story more relatable to kids, and having them disappear for a valid reason right when we want to stop joking around with everything...and having them come back for the happy finale to make it that much happier! I'm in awe of this movie every time I watch it.

One thing Athena pointed out is something that the movie never goes into, probably because even if they wanted to, the characters weren't in any frame of mind to realistically talk about it, and it's in the bad future.

Tiny Tim apparently died very soon before Christmas. He seems like the kind of kid who would have tried to wait for Christmas, so it was interesting to realize that he didn't. As she thought about that, Athena remembered how, in the earlier Christmas, Tim had said he wanted people to see him on Christmas, because it would be nice for them to remember who made lame men walk and blind men see. So her theory is that maybe he decided it was okay not to hang in there until Christmas, because it might be nice to remember, on Christmas, the birth of the One who made it so we can all live again.

Today I'm thankful for being pretty well-rested today, getting to watch an amazing movie, getting to enjoy a lovely Toy Day with our Animal Crossing neighbors, finally completing that mission in that really hard track in Melody of Memory, and the love of my Savior.
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