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Too many video games

We have decided that there are entirely too many video games to play in the limited amount of free time that we have. ...Of course, part of this observation comes from the fact that we've been playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is basically one massive video game commercial. Every time an unfamiliar character shows up, we're like, "Oooh, I wonder what that game is like!" ...Even worse, every time a familiar character shows up, we're like, "Oooh, we should play that game again!"

Our recent foray into Smash Bros. came first because Grawp invited us to play it a couple of days ago, and second because we wanted to be ready in case there was any online play going on with our family up north. Tonight is the Night Before the Night Before, which is celebrated in part by staying up late playing video games. If they decided to go online with it, we wanted to make sure we had plenty of characters unlocked.

So that now has us thinking, "I wonder if the Nintendo Classic thingie has Kid Icarus." Sure enough, it does! And while we're looking at the catalog, we're like, "Remember that game Blaster Master that we were obsessed with but couldn't get past the fifth boss? (Athena could get to the fifth level on her first guy (we remember the music from that level because we had an "It's my first guy" song), but the boss killed her every single time.) I wonder if they have that!" Sure enough, they do! And they have Star Tropics!

And then! we got a Facebook message from a college friend informing us of a sale on the Switch version of Final Fantasy IX! That's our favorite ever!!! (I mean, we still have the original Playstation version, but.) So we bought that.

But we still have The World Ends With You to play! And Melody of Memory! And the DLC for Kingdom Hearts III that...we're still not sure if we can get...since we bought the Japanese game...and we haven't tried it yet, because we didn't like Kingdom Hearts III that much, and by the time the DLC was available, we were playing Pokemon. Which we still have a lot of stuff to do on. And so that's our dilemma. Too many video games, and work starts back up next week. Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Today I'm thankful for having so many good video game options to choose from, having a lot more characters to play with in Smash Bros., the delivery person for the local dairy service finding our apartment, having eggs, and the super chocolatey cake we ordered.
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