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Another miracle!

It was amazing! We had run out of milk a few days ago, and our sneaky plans to try to get someone to take us to buy milk all fell through. We should have known they would; sneaky plans of that vein rarely work. So I had determined that I would have to call someone. This was unhappy for two reasons. First, I hate making phonecalls. Second, there were two people I could call, and one of them was Mom who's busy with tax season and the other one is our anime buddy, who we had just spent last night with and it felt kind of awkward to call and ask if she could take us to the store, when we could easily have asked last night. It's really an irrational reason to feel awkward, but we're still working on convincing ourselves that people don't in fact hate us in real life.

So we did our normal Saturday morning stuff, with an extra episode of Sugar Sugar Rune (since we were falling behind and we had just seen the one episode of Fairly OddParents), and early Ueki no Housoku (last two episodes) because they decided to rerun the Kids' Choice Awards instead of showing Danny Phantom. Then I said we should brush our hair, and Athena said it was a good idea, because it would give the psychic waves we were sending out to people, telling them to call us, more time to work. It was a pretty funny joke at the time.

And then, right as we sat down to brush our hair, talking about how I was just going to have to suck it up and call someone, the phone rings! For this we are very, very grateful. It was our anime buddy. She agreed to pay the deposit for the hotel reservations, so she was trying to make the reservations, but the site wasn't working for her. So I said we were planning to call her to ask for a ride to the store anyway, and if she came over we could try working it out from our computer. It was truly amazing.

Speaking of our anime buddy, last night was really awesome. We decided to watch some of Howl's Moving Castle, and then take an intermission for Danny Phantom. We don't normally like stopping movies in the middle, but our anime buddy is good at choosing intermission spots. And that episode of Danny Phantom was totally awesome. I'm not sure how I feel about the new character, but Danny was really stupid at the beginning of the episode, which meant he better be really cool later on in the episode, and he was. I also really liked how they drew the characters in this episode; lots of really good expressions.

As for Howl's Moving Castle, we loved it of course. The blob men kept reminding us of Heartless, and the backgrounds and architecture kept reminding us of Final Fantasy IX. Kingdom Hearts + FFIX = automatic awesomeness. Just kidding. But it certainly helps. I really liked the characters, but, as with most movies based on books, I feel like they didn't have enough time to really develop the relationships. I guess we'll just have to read the book! Also, the way Howl talked, he really reminded me of a somewhat toned-down Ayame Sohma.

And! Instead of showing a new episode of Justice League Unlimited tonight, like we had originally been led to believe by, Cartoon Network is showing Nausicaa. We do want to see it, but it'll be dubbed, and we can't watch movies on TV, because the commercial breaks are way too long and it just drives us batty. So instead, we get to spend all night playing Kingdom Hearts! This is looking like it will be a very good day.

Today, I'm very thankful for that phonecall from our anime buddy, having the evening to play Kingdom Hearts, Howl's Moving Castle, chocolate peanut butter Chex Mix, and happy endings.
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