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I knew we'd have more to say.

We just finished watching Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez for the seventh time, and we have some more thoughts.

Something that struck us around view two or three is that after Ladybug and Chat Noir transformed and see that oops, they're both in the US, one of the very first things Chat Noir does is ask about Marinette. This makes sense, because the whole reason he gave up on trying to keep his identity secret is that Marinette was in danger and he wanted to make sure she didn't die. So of course he's going to want to make sure she's okay.

But the weird thing! is that Ladybug did not ask about Adrien. Earlier in the series, he's always her first concern--Horrificator is one notable instance, and in Volpina she almost gave up her Miraculous to save him. So why is it that in this very dangerous situation where, as far as she knew, she was alone with Adrien, who is probably in some very real danger right now, does she not think about his safety? It might just be that she's too stressed out about the fact that there's a supervillain on the loose in Paris and she just discovered that the one guy she trusted to protect everybody there is in New York instead. It's a definite possibility; she feels a huge responsibility as far as keeping Paris safe. Still, in light of what happened in Volpina... Maybe she's gotten less impulsive about him now that they're "just friends."

Or maybe she's that distraught about Chat Noir breaking her trust, because, as they indicate at the beginning of the episode, she's really starting to rely on him a lot. It's clear that she's gotten more willing to let him be a bigger part of her life, and if he's filling up the void left when she gave up on Adrien, his betrayal of her trust would be that much heavier a blow.

So all of that made us wonder if her failure to ask about Adrien (I really wish she would have thought of him--maybe she would have figured something out...) is an indication that her feelings are starting to lean away from Adrien and towards Chat Noir.

I thought the answer to that question might be found in the scene when Uncanny Valley comes to ask for Ladybug's help. I remembered her having the Black Cat ring in her hand, like it had been there the whole time, but neither of us has the greatest memory for visual details, so this time, we made it a point to watch out for that scene, and see if there was any indication that she reached into her purse to pull the ring out. If not, it means she was standing on the street corner, after losing Adrien and Chat Noir, and holding on to the memento of Chat Noir, indicating that he's more important to her.

Turns out, there's no sign of her reaching into her purse, but she must have, because when Uncanny Valley showed up and asked for Ladybug, she waved both hands in a, "I have no idea what you're talking about" sort of way, and they were empty. So the results of our research are inconclusive. But I'm sure we'll learn more as the series progresses.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Pokemon with Hermie this morning, getting to sort of watch Pokemon with Grawp, getting a bunch of seasonal recipes in Animal Crossing while we watched Pokemon on our own, lyschan inviting us to her island to buy non-counterfeit paintings from Redd, and getting to watch the Miraculous special again.
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