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Pokemon XY

The other day when we were playing Pokemon with Grawp, something reminded him that the finale to either Pokemon XY or Pokemon XYZ (the anime) is basically the awesomest thing of all time, and since then he's always made it a point to ask us if we've watched the series yet. The answer has always been no, because we've been spending most of our time playing Switch with him (and watching the new Miraculous special; we're on six views now).

Well, today, we finally exhausted all of the interestingness in Switch games (no, he hasn't completed his Pokedex yet), so instead of moving on to a new one like usual (we did spend a good amount of time playing Smash Bros., which reminded us that we want to unlock all the characters in that), he told us to go look for Pokemon XY and watch it. So that's what we did! ...And it was hilarious, because we'd be watching, and he'd be like, "And now Ash is going to see a Mega Blaziken," and we're like, "Clearly what he wants is for us to have the show on to trigger his own memories of what happened, so that he can tell us before we see it." He'd be like, "What's happening now?" and we'd tell him, "Pikachu is battling Bunnelby," and he'd say, "Okay, now Team Rocket's going to show up..."

That was pretty fun, actually. What really had us shaking our heads was the dialogue. We were constantly critiquing it, as we tend to do. I know we need to be more charitable, but it's what we do to our own dialogue for a living, so... Like, there would be an "I see," in a place where a "really?" would have worked way better, and I would be like, "You translated that from a souka, didn't you? You don't have to translate 'souka' as 'I see' every time." Especially because it more literally means "really?" We've noticed that some translators seem to have a fixed gloss for things that really need to be treated on a case by case basis, and now it will always make me think of Aeon's line from United Heroez: part of being human is knowing when to bend the rules.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a fun show with our nephew (bummed out that we can't watch it in Japanese, though; Clemont is played by our very favorite seiyuu), getting to play some Smash Bros., finishing our weekly simulpub without too much trouble, getting to watch the Miraculous special again, and getting to take the rest of the week off.
Tags: language geekiness, pokemon

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