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The big news for today is that we finished our last translation that's due this year, and we still have more than two weeks left! This is unheard of! ...I hope it doesn't hurt us financially.

Okay, we actually still have a simulpub chapter or two or three, but that's still a heck of a lot of free time. And we will accept it very gratefully. The timing is perfect, too, because it means we can definitely take the day off to watch the Miraculous New York special, which will supposedly be coming to Disney+YourSoul on Friday. Eeeeee! I'm so excited!

In other news, while we were on the phone with Grawp today, it came out that we had put dinner in the oven. He briefly wondered what we were having, but we were spared the answer to that question by his attention turning to the much more pressing matter of when we were going to have pancakes. The child is a huge proponent of pancakes, to the point where he very patiently taught his little sister how to make them. He's been trying to get us to make pancakes for weeks now, and we keep telling him we can't because we don't have eggs. A few days ago, his response was, "Go. to. the. STORE!" He's a problem solver, that one.

...I may or may not have previously mentioned our fear of buying eggs. I can't explain it exactly, but buying eggs is far more intimidating than it ought to be, and when the pandemic hit and everybody was like, "Don't TOUCH a thing on the shelves unless you're about to put it in your cart," we basically gave up on the idea of eggs until the pandemic is over. The internet has come to the rescue on that front, but we only just ordered eggs today, and not from a same-day delivery service, so we went back to our original plan. Grawp discovered it thus:

The oven timer went off, and Athena said, "That's the cookies." Grawp said, "You're making cookies?" "Yup!" That reminded him of our previous discussion, so he followed up with, "What are you having for dinner? ...Cookies?" Athena responded, "...yeah..." adding, "We take very bad care of ourselves," to which Grawp replied, "Yes, you do." In our defense, though, it's very rare that we decide to have cookies for dinner, and frankly I don't see how sugar cookies (the variety we had) are much less healthy than pancakes.

Today I'm thankful for finishing most of our work for the year, having a lovely time searching for Spiritomb with Grawp (I broke down and looked up how to find it, but it turned out to be a quest anyway, which Athena and Grawp got to do together!), finally having a Spiritomb, the tasty cookies we had for dinner, and the hope of getting eggs soon.
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