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Snow day!

Animal Crossing has kept us very busy today! ...Okay, actually our job kept us very busy today. We were working on Love and Heart! I'm not sure when the first volume of that comes out in English, even though we just checked Yen Press's listing for it today. So I won't talk about the story, but I will mention that, as a LaLa series, it is fairly chatty, to the point that we're constantly looking at the script and going, "Why is this script so long? Nothing happens in this book!" ...Of course, that's pretty untrue, as well. A lot of stuff happens, but I tend to only remember the big stuff because I'm tired. Anyway, it was due today, and we had been running a liiiittle behind on things, so we had to work a little bit later than usual yesterday and today.

And then! we got to Animal Crossing. It was snowing yesterday, so we should have seen today's shiny newness coming. Everything was covered in snow! ...Okay, not everything. There were quite a few things that didn't have snow on them, but most of the things were covered in snow! And it was so pretty! And we were wandering around, enjoying the snow, when we noticed two little snowballs moving around. So we stopped to investigate just in time to scare away the beetles! No!!!

See, for weeks, we have been missing exactly one insect on our Critterpedia. We talked about it with friend and Animal Crossing veteran lyschan, and she asked, "Is there a winter bug?" and I was like, "How should I know? You're the veteran!" But the point is, none of us knew, until today! So those beetles immediately became today's quest.

...And it took a long time to complete, because we kept rolling the snowballs into places that are not good to catch bugs from, or we'd destroy the snowballs and they'd respawn, like, in the middle of a flowerbed or something so we couldn't see the snowballs or the beetles until it was too late. And of course we took a couple of hours out to play Pokemon. There's a tournament going on right now! (I think I mentioned that yesterday.) So we played ten battles and lost all of them. But we also finally got the mythical monkey Pokemon Zarude! So that's exciting.

Then we went back to Animal Crossing, and after searching around and around and around for a long-horned citrus beetle for Flurry and for Wisp's spirit wispies, we finally spotted the snowball beetles right outside the museum! ...and we didn't have a net because it broke from all our snowflake catching (it happened either right after we caught the last wispy or when we caught a snowflake after that). So we hurried over to our outdoor DIY bench...and couldn't make anything because Athena's pockets were full! Aaaahh! So we dropped some stuff on the ground real quick, finally made a net, and finally finally finally caught the last bug on our Critterpedia. Blathers had extremely mixed feelings about it. We are pretty excited.

Then we spent some time looking for new snowballs, because we haven't yet succeeded in making a snowperson. We wouldn't have even thought of it if it hadn't been one of the Nook Miles goals today. Oh well, we'll try again tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for filling our Critterpedia (insect side)!, finishing our work for today, getting a little bit of extra time to practice the song we agreed to record for the ward Christmas program, the lovely snowy scenery on Futagojima, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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