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A little irresponsible

We kept ourselves up late playing video games again. There was just this track on Melody of Memory that Athena was having a tough time getting the missions on, and it felt so close every time, but we ended up doing it like fifty times or something.

But before that, and we probably wouldn't have ended up staying up so late if this hadn't happened, we had a (virtual) visit with the sister missionaries! One of them got transferred out of our ward, so we had a new sister to meet. And, as usual, we got started ranting about Disney. I tried to stop myself, but the sister who already knew about this habit loves it and encourages it...which I find to be a little odd, because she's also very clearly a Disney fan and was not afraid to talk about how sorry she felt for Kristoff in Frozen 2. She's adorable.

They invited us to sign up for the Light the World text notifications. Every day up until Christmas, they send you text messages with ideas on things you can do to add more light to the world. They started it a couple years ago, and I always thought it was neat, but a lot of the suggestions go out of our comfort zone not just socially but logistically, and last year and the year before we were suuuuuper busy with work. This year, our workload is lighter and more of the suggestions are things that can be accomplished solely through social media (y'know, because of the 'rona and all), so we figured we should at least look at the texts. And we'll try to push ourselves a little bit.

If anyone's interested, you can check out the official Light the World website here.

Today I'm thankful for having another lovely visit with the sister missionaries, finally completing all the missions on the KH3D tracks, also watching another episode of Family Reunion, getting a call from Grawp (about fifteen minutes before our appointment with the missionaries; we called him back later), and sleep.
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