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Tonight is going to be bittersweet. We've been invited to our anime buddy's house to watch Howl's Moving Castle. Either way, I'm sure that will be awesome. But tonight there's a new Danny Phantom. That means we can either watch Howl after DP (at nine) and stay up until midnight or later, or we can watch the movie when we get there (around seven) and miss Danny Phantom, potentially making it back home with some time left over to play Kingdom Hearts. I guess it really depends on what our anime buddy and other people who may be there want to do. I always just assume it'll be us three, but there is another girl invited, and our anime buddy has brothers.

In other random news, we were checking the Himawari website, because they're the theatre troupe that Miyu Irino (voice of Sora) and Mamoru Miyano (voice of Riku) work(ed?) for, and we wanted to know if we could find out who played Roxas, and what else, if anything, he's in. The Himawari website is very confusing, so we didn't find anything. But we did stumble on the profile of Naoya Gomoto, who plays Shin in Eyeshield21. We never really cared about him before, since he wasn't in anything else we knew about, but now that we had seen a picture of him, suddenly we're a little more interested.

So then, in my constant-ish search to find the guy who played Roxas, I figured it couldn't hurt to run through the members of Axle again. They're a branch of Himawari, and they're currently getting ready to perform a revival of the Saiyuki play they did last year. Their membership is different now (so now instead of double casting the Saitoh twins as Goku, one is Goku and the other is Kougaiji!), and I never really remembered anyone except the Saitoh twins and the guys who played Sanzo, Hakkai, and Ni. But anyway, there on the last page was Naoya Gomoto, who apparently is now playing Gojyo. And that's just really weird to think about, Shin as Gojyo. But I guess it's only weird to us, being the only ones familiar with both series. Oh well.

Anyway, today I'm thankful for the opportunity to see Howl's Moving Castle, French vanilla ice cream, a job that allows manga to be deducted from taxes, business cards, My Little Pony, and cardboard.
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