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We were feeling much better today, but we still refrained from the rhythm games because we're not confident we have the brain power to not give ourselves headaches with the intense concentration. So instead, we tried some new anime! And we proved that either we really were a lot less tired today than we were yesterday, or it's not anime in and of itself that puts us to sleep. ...Probably a little of both. We did watch an episode of Hercules the Animated Series that had a lot of repetition in it, and that may have caused some dozing, so I'm going to say it may be that when our brains register something as "been there, done that," they check out.

Anyway. We tried watching I'm Standing on 1,000,000 Lives, which is another anime series that makes me wish they had better ways to abbreviate the titles in English (the other one is that one about the slime). It was a lot brighter in tone than I expected it to be, and a lot less sleep-inducing than I would have expected from an isekai series. I think it helps that it's not a reincarnation sort of isekai, the main character isn't inexplicably invincible (I didn't think I generally had a problem with overpowered characters, but isekai series have been proving me wrong), and he gets to go back to his regular world occasionally. Plus I like all the characters, and Yusuke learned early on that he was being a selfish jerk and needed to knock it off. We watched three whole episodes! which feels like binge-watching to us, but I guess maybe it's not really.

Today I'm thankful for finding a new anime to enjoy, getting to hang out with Grawp (over the phone) and play Animal Crossing, finishing our work quota without too much trouble, a new season of The Repair Shop being available on Netflix (we are probably going to watch many episodes this Sunday), and getting to have some juice.
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