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Another ordinary Saturday

Today was just another ordinary Saturday. We went to the store, we didn't want to eat... I think we overdid it with something on Thanksgiving, because it's hard to be interested in food right now. We still eat, though, don't worry! ...Although, anyone who knows how we usually eat maybe should be worried anyway. But! we have started using butter from grass-fed cows! Apparently that makes it super extra healthy, or something.

Oh yeah, Grawp invited us to his island on Animal Crossing. We got out of the airport to discover the path had been blocked by several no! signs (represented by the red circle with a line through it). What's the point in inviting someone over if you're not going to let them in? Silly boy. (Of course, he had figured out long ago (and informed us today) that you can put on your wet suit and jump off the airport's pier into the water, so we did get to visit for a little while after all, but we wouldn't be able to get back to the airport, so the visit was cut short.)

Today I'm thankful for being done with the grocery shopping, having a stake worship service tomorrow that's later than our usual ward worship services, being thiiiiiiis close to getting the target score in Vector to the Heavens, having a lovely chat with Celeste, and getting to visit with Grawp.
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