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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We spent the majority of ours tracking down ingredients in Animal Crossing. (Okay, it was only maybe three hours...) It was a pretty fun event, but when Athena's pockets got full, it got to be a little tiresome. Also, this event is how we learned of the existence of the Dungeness crab, which we still have not caught, although Grawp managed to catch two. Grawp was on the phone with us most of the time we were playing. It was nice.

It was really funny, too, because he got to the part where you can elevate Franklin's dishes (I love that the turkey is named Franklin), and he asked us what you need for the clam chowder, and we said, "You need a scallop," and he replied, "What's a scallop?" and we said, "They're the things you give the otter," and he was like, "Oh. I call them skuh-LOPS." I responded, "Most people call them scallops." And without missing a beat or even really changing his tone, he repeated, "I call them skuh-LOPS." Way to not give into conformity, kiddo!

Anyway, we were like, "New sea creatures!? We must catch them!" So we swam and swam and swam, and we caught...a red king crab. We caught like three or four Venus' flower baskets. Athena thinks it might have been five. And I think that's all the new stuff we got. Eventually one of our neighbors gave us the crab, so it's still not in our Critterpedia, but we had an exquisite gratin. And someday very soon, we're going to go crab hunting. (Grawp also caught a snow crab.)

We had our usual Freschetta cheese pizza for our Thanksgiving feast, and while it cooked, we watched the first Miraculous Christmas special! It's such a silly little musical; we love it. Athena says, "That one's better than the second one, 'cause it has way more Chat Noir," and I have to agree. And he sings two songs!

After dinner, we spent a lot of time playing Melody of Memory on co-op mode. It's a lot of fun, but it made my hand hurt, I think because I'm not used to playing with those controllers. Maybe the blue one is just not ergonomically sound. I'll try holding it differently in the future.

Today I'm thankful for having another lovely Thanksgiving, getting to take the day off and sleep in, managing to get all the ingredients for Turkey Day, having an excuse to watch Miraculous, and having a chocolate satin pie waiting for us.
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