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Our popularity continued today, even though all our nieces and nephews went to the zoo. They got back, and Grawp turned on Animal Crossing, called us, and almost immediately made us a mum cushion. He did say we could pay him as little as possible because it was super easy to make (they have mums all over their island). It's also possible that he wasn't expecting payment, but since he only just started his furniture business yesterday, we figured it was a little early to let it fade away.

Then he spent a looooooong time using the design app to make a beautiful Christmas tree pattern, but just before he finished, he got interrupted because their new dog had friends visiting and if he didn't hurry to go check it out, he would miss all the fun. So he grudgingly left his work-in-progress and proceeded to disappear for at least half an hour, during which time we took a break for a snack and played Kingdom Hearts.

Now of course we had to go visit his island to see the design, and then, to make the most of the visit, we played hide and seek. Partway through the game, Grawp's little brother came along and nearly gave away his position several times. It was really cute, and I'm glad they both got a kick out of it. Their sister showed up at one point, too, and she was like, "Can I visit with them on my account?" and Grawp was like, "Hermie, they're going to visit here in real life for Christmas!" and she's like, "I want to visit them in Animal Crossing!" ...Well, we can do both. But not until we're there in person, because Hermie's Switch account doesn't have the internet capabilities Grawp's does.

Today I'm thankful for Grawp calling right after we finished all our work for the day so nothing had to get shoved to tomorrow, having a more leisurely video game visit today, also having time to play KH:MoM, the peanut butter cookies we got for a Thanksgiving week treat, and being a lot closer to finally completing all the missions on Vector to the Heavens.
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