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Socializing (over the phone)

Oh man, what a day. We got our main work done and then we spent most of the rest of it socializing (over the phone)! It was nice, but there was some stress.

After a lovely chat with our sister, we were about to do some more work when Grawp called. Of course we're going to drop everything and turn on the Switch when a niece or nephew calls! (Especially when we're not struggling to meet a deadline, which we are not currently.) We played Animal Crossing for a while (Grawp came up with a way to earn Bells by making us furniture, which he sent to us in a postcard that read "pay me back", and so we wrote back and attached the pre-agreed price of 7,000 Bells for materials and labor), and then we switched over to Pokemon.

We decided to go on a Dynamax adventure, and Grawp mentioned going on one with Gilderoy the other day, so we decided to call Gilderoy's mom (Gilderoy doesn't have his own phone like Grawp does, because he's not old enough) and invite him along. It was pretty nice until we got to Zapdos and Grawp insisted that Fire was strong against Flying. I have no idea where he got that idea. So we didn't catch Zapdos, but that was okay--nobody was too broken up. The trouble started when Grawp said he didn't want to do another Dynamax adventure, he'd rather do a Max Raid Battle.

The trouble with this is that, when we started the Dynamax adventure, Grawp was ready first, with a link code and everything, but Gilderoy wasn't quite paying enough attention to realize that when he said, "I'm really good at choosing link codes that no one else will use, so you should let me choose the link code." (When we first tried using a link code with Gilderoy, he insisted that we let him choose it, and he went with 1111 and got connected to some random stranger. I guess he wanted to show that he has risen above that.) But Grawp had already set a code, so we said we were going to go with that one and Gilderoy could choose the link code next time.

But then we decided not to do another Dynamax adventure. Big mistake. I mean, we thought it was okay--you can use link codes for Max Raid Battles, too. But it got stressful and complicated, because, for example, Grawp would find a Dynamax lair and get ready to start a battle, but Gilderoy was like, "No! I have to set the link code!" and we were like, "It's okay, you can tell Grawp what code to use!" (There ended up being a lot of yelling, partially because of impatience, and partially because something happened such that Gilderoy couldn't hear his phone very well; I suspect (but didn't realize until the call had ended) he accidentally took it off of speaker.) And then the timer would be going, but the stamp wouldn't show up, and it was just a big headache.

As an aside, while Gilderoy was looking for a Dynamax lair (Grawp was cool with fighting anything as long as it was five stars; he was a good sport), he would start yelling at the stupid Pokemon to get out of his way, and say, "I hate Pokemon!" "Then why are you playing it?" I replied. "I hate Pokemon, but not the game." Then he added, "I only care about Pokemon if they're legendary or shiny." I remarked that that's the kind of attitude that would make him a badguy in the anime, and he was like, "What makes me a bad guy?" and we were like, "......" (It's okay. He's only six.)

Eventually Grawp's Switch started running out of battery, so he excused himself, and we asked Gilderoy what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to have a battle. So Athena crushed him. The end.

It does make me wonder, though. We had grownups call us brats and complain to our parents when we were kids, and it just makes me ask myself, "Was I that bad?" I really hope I've gotten better.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely chat with our sister, having a lovely afternoon playing video games with nephews, moments of introspection, finishing our main work before spending the rest of the day socializing (over the phone), and getting to relax with some Kingdom Hearts.
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