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The feud continues

We ordered a couple of things on the internet at the beginning of the week, and they were supposedly delivered on Thursday. We haven't seen any sign of these packages, so went to the office to see if they'd been delivered there. I mean, we knew the office stopped accepting packages when we first started shutting everything down for the rona, but with the restriction changing every few weeks, we couldn't be too sure, and besides, the fact remained that we had no packages.

So we went to the office and asked them if they'd seen our packages. The lady said no, they're not supposed to accept packages (she checked anyway, which was nice of her), but she was glad we were there, because we needed to talk. Uh-oh. Sure enough, it was about the stray cats. Our nextdoor neighbors recently moved out, so we knew the manager (who thankfully wasn't working today) was going to be sending notices or something. We were hoping our new neighbors would be cat lovers, and maybe even work for a shelter or something so they could take the cats there and we'd know they would be taken care of after our inevitable move (which draws ever closer as our rent keeps going up and up and up).

The lady at the office said that we're really not supposed to feed stray cats (there's still nothing in the lease about leaving food outside), and also we need to make sure the cats go away because one of our new neighbors (we already have them, apparently) is not just allergic, but so allergic she could die. Now, I don't want to accidentally kill anyone via pet dander, but I feel like if you know an apartment is surrounded by cats and is in a pet-friendly complex where the previous renters may or may not have had a cat (Athena and I never really talked to them, but we saw a scratching post in their patio as they were moving out), maybe you're not making the safest choice. Also, the apartments here are not cheap, so I don't think it has anything to do with affordability.

Anyway, as previously stated, we do think the cats need to be taken to a better home, so we explained to the lady at the office that they need to be taken to a shelter, the local shelter doesn't have the resources to send someone to pick the cats up, and we don't drive. Frankly, since the cats are strays, we feel like it's the management's responsibility to remove them from the property if that's what they want. (We also mentioned the fact that the cats had been taken and neutered, but were subsequently returned.) Office lady said she'd have to talk to the manager about it, and we're just really hoping the manager chooses something effective that doesn't involve harassing us.

In the meantime, we still don't have our packages.

Today I'm thankful for having a nice big chunk of time in which to play Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, getting to buy some yummy treats at the grocery store, the person at the office being of the friendly sort, finally having a date for when the latest Miraculous special will be available streaming, and getting to sleep in this morning.
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