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The nephew returns

The nephew finally called us! ...I'm not sure what it says about us that we're always sitting around waiting for our nephew to call. We're not, actually, but it sounds like it when we get so excited when he finally calls. In fact, we were quite enjoying ourselves playing Kingdom Hearts MoM when he play Animal Crossing for like five minutes before hanging up. But he called back again before too long, and we somehow got him to finally go get that dragon giant. We may have made a miscalculation in helping him to get the one he wanted--now he has no incentive to trade (the idea was to get him the one he wanted, then trade and trade back so we could complete our Pokedex).

So we spent most of the evening hanging out and playing Pokemon. We caught a Necrozma in a Dynamax Adventure, and we had a battle. I don't know about battling these kids, though. Athena's never been the type to totally crush her enemies, and when they're kids you tend to go even easier. But then you have the little punk going, "You will never beat me," and acting like he's a hot shot. On the one hand, we don't want to make it less fun for him, but on the other hand, the attitude...

He's not always a punk, though. He told us he's designing a treasure hunt for us and Grandma to do on his Animal Crossing island. If he remembers to finish it and invite us to play, I'm sure it will be great!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Pokemon with our nephew, finishing our work quota, getting an "it's okay not to actually get that one in on Thanksgiving week" for the thing we had due next week, finally having finished Chief Peony's Adven-tour (we still have the epilogue, though), and cookies.
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