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We turned on Animal Crossing today and discovered that we missed our new neighbor's birthday yesterday! Aaaahh! We did send him a gift, but it was just a "welcome to the island" gift of pears, and he can get pears any old day. So we made him another gift and that will have to do. He only just moved in, so we're not on friendly enough terms to just hand him stuff every day.

On the bright side, it's also maple leaf season! We've already caught more than twenty, and we popped a balloon with a leaf stool recipe! We're a liiiittle bit worried about all this seasonal DIY stuff, though, because we're not getting recipes very frequently, and we want them all before they go away! So we spent a little extra time hunting for maple leaves, always stopping to look up at the sky in the hopes of finding a balloon.

And then we played Kingdom Hearts. We got to the point where the missions involve doing impressive things on Proud Mode, so there are a couple of tracks we went through many many times and still haven't completed them. "Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion" is apparently our new favorite Kingdom Hearts track. (It is really pretty, and its title is French.)

...You might have guessed from this that we didn't spend a lot of time writing blog posts. I think our following is small enough at this point that we're not letting a whole lot of people down. I don't want to forget about the blog, but I also don't want to burn out again, and our paying job is a higher priority. And we may have travel plans for Thanksgiving. Everybody's like, "You can work anywhere, so just plan to work while you're visiting!" and I'm like, "Yeah, because I feel totally comfortable going somewhere to see people and then specifically not visiting with them." But I guess if the plan is that we'll be ignoring people for part of it, at least we won't be expected to visit with people? I don't know. It's weird. We'll figure it out, and we'll meet our deadlines somehow. And then we'll hopefully have time to resume blog writing.

Today I'm thankful for maple leaf season, getting to see the inside of our new neighbor's house, having time to play Melody of Memory, work only being a little bit hard right now, and indoor plumbing.
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